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Six West Student Aviation Initiative

We are an Irish company, and showing the community who we are and what we stand for is important to all of us at Six West. Aviation in Ireland is in a place it has never been before, showing great promise to future generations. We feel a responsibility to play a part in passing this excitement on to the next generation.

In 2019 we launched the Six West Student Aviaton Initiative. High school students from around Ireland can participate in an online competition providing them an opportunity to submit an article outlining their interest in aviation and proposing new or innovative ideas to consider for future development in the industry. Shortlisted students will be given the opportunity to present their article to a small panel of industry experts in a fun and stimulating boardroom environment. Two winners will receive a day of ground instruction, flight simulator exposure and a one hour flight with an instructor. Fully funded by Six West and in affiliation with our training partners we are excited to play a small part in our community to promote future opportunities. Our aim is to stir community discussion about aviation, create excitement amongst young people and provide an unforgettable day out for future Irish Aviators.

Click here and send us a short message to receive the guidance document on how to participate