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Crew support

We provide short or long term staff on a wide range of airline and business aircraft types. Our vetted and experienced pilots can be dispatched within minutes if need be.

Our crew selection is managed by aviation professionals with many years in the industry. Our focus is on quality crew provision.

They can work with you for a day or a year. Our service is in accordance with your requirements.

Our Flight Attendants are located on every continent and are ready to support at a moments notice.

Our contracted Licensed Engineers are located on every continent and can also be dispatched with minimal notice.


Crew Training

Six West is a premium  provider of tailor made crew training for select clients in the aviation Industry.

We are positioned to travel to your location and train on your aircraft, in your environment. We will present you with relevant and specific emergency procedures training, cabin operations training, CRM, and First Aid. We will discuss the latest Industry procedures & ICAO best practice recommendations and how they can be applied to your team.

Complete the training with confidence so that all members of your team can serve the needs of your client at the highest levels expected.

Contact us for a confidential discussion on what we can do to support you.

Flight Operations support

Six West provides flight operations support for many of our Far East, Australasian and US based clients who require ‘back of the clock’, time zone support.

Dispatch, flight plan, purchase fuel, arrange catering, arrange overflight and landing permits and set up travel logistics for your crew and passengers. Our staff in Hong Kong, working closely with our Flight Operations in Dublin create the perfect back up flight department for those that require that extra capability overnight, during holiday periods or periods of rapid growth.


Visa support services

Six West can provide the paperwork required to work through your local Embassy for the issuing of China, Russian, Indian and Nigerian visas.


EU-ETS trading

Six West supports many of our clients in the monitoring and preparation of their EU-ETS reporting obligations. Ensuring accurate, error-free and timely reporting takes place for your own aircraft will mitigate your organisation from the heavy penalties imposed for not fowling these specialised procedures.