IS-BAO and SMS implementation

Six West embraces IS-BAO’s code of best practice. IS-BAO’s fundamental purpose is to foster standardized, safe and highly professional aircraft operations.

Six West provides audit services to suit your needs from a customized audit to a full IS-BAO accreditation audit. We also conduct ISO 9001 audits to suit your organisations requirements.

We will walk you through every step of the way. We understands that each operator is unique and that there are many ways to meet the compliance standards set forth by IS-BAO. Our goal is to provide valuable feedback to the operator, be a mentor in the audit process, and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. What sets up apart is having the experience in the industry to understand the operator’s needs. We offer a free gap analysis and we encourage all operators to take full advantage of this service to gain the most value from the audit. This gives the operator time to fix any issues before the audit begins. We want our operators to have every opportunity to succeed. 

After the gap analysis is complete the Six West on-site audit will commence. Operators can expect an audit that includes a review of the company safety management system (SMS), processes, manuals, programs, policies and procedures. A minimum of two days on-site will be scheduled with an option of three days. Operators can choose to have an auditor observe a flight.

Upon completion of the audit, operators can expect a finished portfolio report to present to their executives from Six West. This report will showcase the flight department’s strengths and value that is provided through having a safety management system.

Six West SMS Development

Aviation is an activity that faces numerous risks on a daily basis. ICAO and the FAA agreed that safety management systems (SMS) will be an effective method for improving safety in the face of rapid growth and increasing technical complexity. SMS is a platform to identify what needs to be changed so that potential accidents can be avoided in the future.

SMS methodology depends on the size and complexity of the company which may include the type of equipment being operated, the geographical areas of operation and personnel composition. Six West will talk you through this development process and tailor it to your own size, operations and culture.

SMS options include:

  • Onsite & Offsite Training
  • SMS Training
  • Implementation Guide/Models
  • Facilitation of SMS Implementation
  • SMS Evaluations
  • SMS Audits
  • Consulting
  • IS-BAO Audits

Six West Safety culture

Six West is synonymous with safety in every action we take, every decision we make and in all interactions with our clients and our crew.

We understand how the healthy safety culture of a Company is absolutely necessary in our Industry.

We encourage you to talk to us about how we can assist you develop and grow your own safety culture within the unique environment of your own organisation.

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